Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zero 2 Illo - Week 5

I think we're on week six or seven already, but I finally got around to my next set of illustrations - things have still been a little hectic around here. And these are still pretty rough, but I thought I would put them up and hopefully get a little feedback.

Anyway, this first one is based on a folk tale called "How the Squirrel Became A Bat" Long story short, the sun gets caught on a branch, all the animals look for it, but the squirrel climbs the tallest tree, finds the sun, and chews off the branches holding the sun. In the process, his fur gets singed, the skin on his arms melts into wings, and he loses his eyesight. I think the moral was, "Never do any favors for the sun."

The second one is just another one of the things I draw when I can't think of anything else - wizards. So, uh, here is a wizard eating a sandwich.

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